Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drills with Ewen

I met up with Ewen at Parliament House just after 9.30am to practise our drills. We started with a warm-up around PH to the shaded grass opposite the Portrait Gallery. We did almost 50 mins of Pete Magill drills: 3 each x 50m of schoolyard skipping, high skips, skip-kicks, flat-foot marching, high knees, butt kicks and carioca. We ran strides between sets and finished with a jog back to PH. It was surprisingly hard work but Ewen assures me it will do me good and I have to try to do this at least once a week.
Total distance: 7.2km
Calories burned: 370
We rewarded ourselves with a very nice coffee at Kingston Markets afterwards.
Total distance for week: 64km


  1. Hi Strewth,

    I've red the drills you wrote in your last post. But, If I've understood, once a week you don't run and practise theese drills. For a day your training consists of drills only. Can you please explain it? Have a nice training.

  2. Even if it doesn't do you good it's fun! Lovely to stay in the shade on a hot day. And when you break 15 minutes for 3k everyone will be complementing you on your beautiful stride :)