Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a Running in the Rain - oh what a feeling!

Yes, tonight it rained. I arrived just 5 mins after 4.30pm so had to run 4km on my own before the boys met me on their return - no chance of catching them before that! I ran this part of the early warm-up with speedygeoff, Ewen and Craig. The temp had dropped from 38deg yesterday to 14deg today and I even wore a spray jacket. Oh but how much easier it is to run when the weather is cooler. I felt quite comfortable. I managed to squeeze in 7.33km before the main session at 5.30pm.
The main set was a 3.3k group warm-up followed by 1 test run of the 935m circuit before running 5 x 935m of the west side circuit (3 fast and 2 slow alternating). Then we ran a gentle 1.4km warm down back to the start as the rain became heavier. We were quite drenched at the end and cooled down very quickly.
Total distance of warm-up plus session: 16.5km
Calories burned: 963


  1. Running in the rain is a trainig drill. It makes you feel good. :-)

    Last friday I did running drills. I tryed to do high skips and high knees. I'll do them again next friday.

  2. Hehehe! I forgot about the dress - thanks for reminding me!

  3. If no photo of the dress, then a description on how good the girl is that was wearing the dress.

    I bet she looked great.

  4. CJ, she wouldn't stop at coffee on Sunday morning. She selected a woman that looked "just like CJ" so I knew what she was talking about.

    She also said "putting on weight when you stop running is OK, as long as it goes on in the right places."