Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A True Cross Country Run at Weston Park

6.30am - upper body strength session at the gym
6.15pm - Spring series - Cross Country run at Weston Park
I arrived just before 6pm, in time to run a warm-up 2km with Ewen before the start of the race. It had been an extremely hot day in the 30s but about half an hour before the race was due to start the wind picked up and clouds covered the sun. Yes, the conditions improved considerably and after the start the wind dropped as well. It was a different course from last year, an out and back course over undulations, a lot of off-road uneven ground avoiding tree roots but some on the path and some on the grassy turf. We even had to leap over a ditch. It was a good course with lots of variety as long as we watched where our feet landed!
Total distance for race: 5km
Time taken: 26.42
Average pace per km: 5:20
After the race Ewen and I ran another 3km cool down. In fact when we stopped the weather really had cooled down quite considerably.
Total distance for day: 10km
Postscript: I have just entered the Canberra Marathon for April 2010 - no turning back now!


  1. Which Canberra Marathon have you entered ? As in who owns the event ? Isn't the ownership still in the courts, lawyers and all that ? No refund if the event is not held ? Brave move so early. Good luck, start training now.

  2. Take care what you put "in writing", Steve!

  3. If it's not on, we'll put one on for you - 42 laps of Speedychief's 1k course at Stromlo :)

  4. not forgetting the 195m sprint to the toilet block at the end.