Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Strange changes of temperature!

6.30am - upper body strength and abs work at gym
6.15pm - Spring series cross country race at Boathouse
Total distance: 5km
Time taken: 26:35
Average pace per km: 5:19
Place: 79 (out of 102 finishers)

I felt less than ordinary this afternoon and although the weather had been quite cool during the day at 6pm it was the hottest part of the day and felt very humid. I had taken a couple of pain killers before driving to the Boathouse venue as I was suffering from a headache probably from being on the computer at work for too long.
My legs felt a bit leaden during the warm up and for the first half of the race, so I was pleasantly surprised when my time proved to be almost a minute faster than the previous race at the Boathouse a few weeks ago.
It was great to catch up with friends and to see Thea running really well. I haven't seen her for ages.
Total distance for day including warm-up: 7km

6.15am - RPM class at gym
7am - 15mins abs class
5.45pm - Run
I met up with Chris, Andy and Ewen at Parliament House at 5.45pm for a gentle run. It was back to 31deg and felt very very hot at the start. However after about 6km Ewen managed to find us some lovely shady spots to run and that made such a difference. I was actually really enjoying myself half way through. It was fun to run with such good company. Unfortunately Jen was unwell and couldn't make the run tonight.
We pulled our names out of a hat as we are going to have a Secret Santa (aka Kris Kringle) at our bbq in a couple of weeks - should be great fun!
Total distance: 12.55km
Time taken: 1:24:18
Average pace per km: 6:45
Calories burned: 745


  1. The "bit of a headache" bug is going round.

  2. Yes, I lovely shady run later on - AND, that cool easterly blowing!