Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost and Found!

This morning I met up with the Molonglo group at 7.30am. It was great to see people I haven't seen in ages, including twofruits who was looking so tanned and fit. I ran with Andy and Jen to the war memorial where we met up with Ewen, twofruits, Michael and Liz briefly before the mountain runners took off in the distance. It was good to finally meet the awesome Liz (aka Superwoman) who is an ultra distance mountain runner like twofruits.
Jen, Andy and I followed the others talking lots (as we do) and managed to lose sight of them. In spite of "cooees" we could not find them anywhere. Just as we were heading back to Mt Ainslie after ending up on the road we spotted Ewen in the distance out looking for us. That was a relief as we had visions of running endless kms trying to find our way round the trails. The four of us ran through the nature park and back past the war memorial again down to the lake, on to Kings Ave bridge and the wetlands and back to Molonglo.

Total distance: 19.7km (bother I should have run 300m extra at the end!)
No idea how long it took as I forgot to stop my watch when we stopped to regroup etc.
Calories burned: 1200 (that's important)

We joined those who had returned before us at the picnic table by the lake for drinks and fruit but there was no sign of twofruits and the others by the time we left an hour later. I think they were running another of their very long hilly runs out there. It was hot but not too hot but the wind was quite strong as we ran over Kings Ave Bridge.

A good run with good company but now I'm surprisingly tired. Vets' Handicap tomorrow at Weston Park - should be fun.


  1. You are another that looks better in real life than in a photo. Thanks for telling us about "the dress", us males are now very jealous, may be another day. CJ always looks good, we miss her heaps. Well done today to lose Ewen is not easy.

  2. Sooooooo nice to meet you today!

  3. 2F, It was Jog's fault. Keeping up with her meant the real joggers were separated. Luckily softshoe told me they were some way back.

    Yes Jog, Strewth is good value. As is CJ - whether it be on a run, or hopping around the mall.