Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Hot Week Ahead!

In this extremely hot weather it's nice to find a few shady spots on our runs even if it means running in the heat to find them. I met up with speedygeoff, Jen, Ewen and Craig for the early hot run at 4.30pm. We ran seeking shade past the yacht club and back to PH for a total of 7.5km.
At PH we joined the main group at 5.30pm. We ran another warm-up loop of PH before our main session which was similar to last week. 5 x 690m starting every 5 minutes including 5 push-ups on the fitness trail each lap.
Total distance for session: 7km
Total distance for day: 14.5im
Calories burned: 830
Today the temperature was 33deg and the forecast for the next few days is rising rapidly!

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  1. Thanks for answering about running technique drills. I've visited the website you suggested which shows running drills to help build a stronger stride.

    I'll do "high knees" and "high skips" next Friday. Thanks again.