Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dancing the Night Away!

On Thursday morning I did strength work at the gym to make up for missing it on Tuesday. Then in the late afternoon I headed off to the AIS for track. I managed a few laps of the track before we headed to the start for the first event - the 3000m. The temperature was ideal really although there was a bit of wind. However I still didn't manage to break 15mins.
Distance: 3000m
Time taken: 15:33:82
Next I ran in the 1500m event - slightly faster than last time but a long way to go yet.
Distance: 1500m
Time taken: 7:16:42

And at 8pm I ran in the 6 lap spiral.
Total distance: 2.514km (I think)
Time taken: 12:55
Handicap group: 31
Place: 10th (out of 35)
Total distance with warm-ups between races: 11km

Friday - Rest day
I still did my early morning Body Balance class at the gym however - necessary for me!

I met up with Jen and Andy at the War Memorial at 8.30am to go for a longish run. Ewen had had an unfortunate accident concerning a chicken and was unable to join us. Thus, without our guide, we decided to run down to the lake and turn right for a loop round the central basin. This should normally have been a 16km loop with a few extra kms to the lake and back to the War Memorial. However, somehow we managed to run a few extra detours and although we started well once we reached 24km we stopped and walked the last km. It was just too far yet and defnitely not planned.

It was a perfect running morning and we spotted lots of spring babies - goslings and fluffy ducklings. We took it easy and the company was pleasant. Next run, however, our leader will help our sense of direction hopefully!
Total distance: 24km
Time taken: 2:40:34
Average pace: 6:40 (probably due to struggling the last few km)
Calories burned: 1399
No time for coffee today as we all had things to do and places to go.

In the evening Mr B and I joined 150 others at the Veterans' Athletics 30th anniversary Dinner/Dance where we danced the night away burning up the calories we had just consumed hopefully!

Photos from Vets' dinner
Mr B and strewth
Jen (from the coast), Jenny and speedygeoff
strewth, Janene and Heidi
Brett and Nadine (who marry on Friday)
Janene and Heidi


  1. You look fabulous! Worth dusting off the credit card for such a stunning posh frock.

    With me leading next Saturday I'll make sure we're back in time for coffee!

  2. Ruth, you looked and look beautiful. You are certainly a stunning beautiful woman. The photos are lovely of the night Ruth. Everyone scrubs up well :) Shame Ewen did not join the celebration and dancing. I would of loved to have seen him up all dressed up.