Monday, November 09, 2009

It's all about feeling good!

Today was hot. It was a non-working day for me so I decided to cross one thing off my 'to do' list and baked my Christmas cake. The kitchen smells pretty good!
Later it was off to early training at Parliament House where I ran for an 8km warm-up with Ewen, speedygeoff and Craig on our original route to Kingston and back. For some reason it felt much easier today, possibly because they ran slower but it was a really pleasant warm-up run in spite of the heat.
We met up with the training group at 5.30pm and ran a warm-up loop of PH before the main session which was 5 x 690m starting every 5 minutes. The loop included two steep hills (one a double hill) incorporating 5 push-ups on the fitness bars on each loop. It was tough, especially those hills, but a good session and different from the past few weeks. Variation is always good and I needed the hills as I missed my hill repeats yesterday.
As I just finished my last set of push-ups and was proceeding up the hill I called to Jodie, "Remind me again why I am doing this?"
"To make you feel good" came the response.
And that sums it up really. During the hot session it feels tough but afterwards there is this warm glow of achievement - yes, it's all about feeling good. That is so important!
Total distance for session: 16km

Total distance for week ending yesterday: 72km - yay!


  1. Yes, that steep bit was about the perfect short hill. I was ready to stop at the push-up bars!

    Good to feel good, and good not to have Clairie setting a cracking pace on the warm-up run ;)

  2. Gee you scrub up well when you go out. I've never seen you in anything but running gear. But then I'm not a social butterfly.