Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Clairie brings a heat wave!

The outside temperature, according to my car thermomoter, was 34deg as I pulled up at Parliament House for the early warm-up at 4.30pm. It was probably complete madness to be running at that time in that temp as we are just not yet acclimatised. The hot weather has come very suddenly.
It was great to welcome Clairie from Brisbane to join us for our full session before she flew back to Brisbane in the early hours of this morning. It was interesting that she suffered in our heat especially after coming from much warmer climes.
We ran a different loop for our early run, trying to find shade heading out to Lotus Bay and beyond but it was still dreadfully hot and I was plodding by the end. Yelena, Ewen, speedychief, Clairie and I ran early for 7.7km before joining the main group at 5.30pm. My average pace was only 6:22 per km but it felt so hard in the heat.
We had about 4 new starters for the main session and 23 turned up which was a really good turnout. We ran our usual warm up loop before heading off for the rose garden and repeating last week's session only this time I stopped for a sip of water on every single loop and only managed 10 repeats of the 460m loop. I was very dehydrated although the conditions were much better for the main session as the temperature had dropped a fraction.
Total distance: 14.7km
Calories burned: 830


  1. It was great to see her (before she sprinted off with Speedygeoff), but I hope she's taken the heat back to Queensland!

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