Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Warm days, balmy evenings!

Yesterday the plan was to go to the movies in the late afternoon. However, when we arrived the theatre was packed and all the movies we wanted to see were full. Next time we'll plan it a bit better!
This did mean that at 7.40pm I took off for a run. It was still quite light and warm although I battled a head wind during the course of the run. However, I did manage a marginal negative split on the return trip - a very pleasant time of day and I was extremely hungry for my dinner on my return. Leftovers are still in my fridge which results in very little meal preparation - one of the benefits of over-catering at Christmas time!
Total distance: 8km
Time taken: 46:12
Average pace per km: 5:46
Calories burned: 469


  1. Hot days attract movie goers because of the Air Conditioning.

    And because of the movies on show.

  2. Forget the movies, they are for rainy days. Should have ran 16 kms instead. Happy New Year.

  3. Movies sounds a good option to me on a hot day - maybe I'm going soft!