Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Battling the Cold Air!

Yesterday I met up with Margaret and we went for a very pleasant cycle. Roy joined us half way through and my total distance was 32km. Mind you I had to wear four layers to keep the cold at bay!
The temperature today has been no better. It's just plain cold. I went to the gym at 6.30am for ten minutes on the rower and upper body strength work followed by a 15mins abs class followed by more upper body strength work. Then it was home to change into running clothes and Marg joined me on a run in the mid morning.
We ran from my home past the back of the AIS to O'Connor Ridge and Bruce Ridge where we ran lots of trails and hills on both sides of the ridge. We then returned via Dryandra Street, through Lyneham and back home past North Lyneham along the undulating cycle track. It was tough and slow and very cold especially in the exposed areas of the hills! However, we ran it all and there were lots of steep hills and the company was good. Hopefully that will be good training for the City to Surf on Sunday! At least Sydney will be warmer!
Total distance: 16km
Calories burned: 910


  1. Yes, bring on Sydney and the warmth of those 80,000 bodies!

  2. Start printing off or remembering lots of jokes, not running jokes about how slow we will be after a few hours.

  3. Where are you? In which part of the world? I think you are traveling!

  4. Strewth....will you PLEASE update your blog! I'm getting tired of reading: "Yesterday I met up with Margaret...."!!!