Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bush Capital Running Festival

Talk about lucky! After huge threats of rain and bleak conditions the weather for the bush capital events yesterday were ideal especially at 9.30am for the start of the 16km. It was cool but still and overcast with a very light splattering of rain - in fact quite ideal conditions really for a very undulating bush capital run on the trails and hills of Mt Ainslie. Margaret and I started together and finished only 6 secs apart. I managed to run almost all of the way leaving Marg behind on the hills but she caught me on the downhills and flat. I still have no speed! I did have to walk a little on the very steep rough rocky part of the course but I was happy to at least have finished it in one piece although my hamstring was pretty sore in the evening. It was, as always, a well run event with lots of lovely cake, fruit bars and soft drinks at the finish and of course the bush capital mug!
Total distance: 16km (plus 2km warm-up)
Time taken: 1hr 44mins
My time was 8 minutes slower than when I last ran it in 2008. Age has defnitely wearied me!!
After the run I enjoyed coffee with Liz and Ewen at the war memorial cafe where we discussed plans for our pending trip to Melbourne in a couple of weeks where Ewen and I will crew for Liz' 100km ultra run of the Tan. This should be an amazing experience and I am so excited and very flattered to be asked - wow!


  1. See you in Melbourne, may be a few laps together. Can't wait, should be fun.

  2. I thought we were just joining Liz for shopping and coffee!

  3. Plenty of time to enjoy a coffee. Every lap for me will take half an hour. Shops not open in Melbourne on a Sunday.

  4. You would NOT have enjoyed the weather we encountered at Mittagong and beyond driving home this afternoon! I am glad it was perfect for the Bush Capital. I am looking forward to checking the results when I get time.

  5. The war council at the war memorial to plan new battles in front of a cup of coffee! Good job on the 16 km (+2), downhill and uphill are not the best for a fast race and a regular pace.