Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vets' Monthly Handicap at Mt Taylor

On Saturday I enjoyed a bike ride with Mr B, a long walk with Teddy and saved my run for the Vets monthly handicap at Mt Taylor on Sunday. Mount is the operative word. The run started uphill and continued that way until the last km when it was a lovely downhill finish. I ran slowly in my usual fashion lately. I enjoyed the trails and would have loved the course if I had trained more on hills and was uninjured. It was a struggle but I still enjoyed it on a pleasant almost spring-like morning with the sun shining. The handicap runs are always a great opportunity to catch up with heaps of people who I only see once a month. Later CJ, Jen and I enjoyed a pleasant coffee in Kingston where Mr B joined us after competing in a duathlon.
Total distance: 7km
Time taken: 43:42
Average pace per km: 6:15
Handicap: 22
Finish place: 79th (out of 89)
Monday training with the speedygeese at Parliament House
I arrived at PH just before 5pm and ran a short 4km warm-up with Ewen before the main session.
Because it was a lovely day today there was a good turnout of geese tonight. We totalled 21 which was great and that included three new starters which is always interesting and fun. After our warm-up loop we headed for the grassy bank in front of PH where we were divided into relay teams and ran fast diagonally down the grassy slope, jogged across the bottom short straight, fast up the long straight, jogged across the top straight and ran fast down the other diagonal. We repeated this for 30 minutes - tough but fun.
We finished with a cool down loop of PH.
Total distance: 12km (including early warm-up)
Today I went for a pleasant 21km bike ride with Margaret. On our return trip we came across Rad and Friar waiting for the start of the Lake G monthly handicap. It was a lovely day out there apart from the cold wind!
Tomorrow reality bites as I return to the work force for three months for four days a week. Ho hum!


  1. Hope the return to almost fulltime work didn't hurt too much. Just think of the play money you'll be earning to fund your fun running trips - ie, Melb in Oct.

  2. So you biked and walked on saturday, raced (and what a race!) on sunday and ran 12 km on monday? Do I forget anything?
    I am wordless.

  3. To JogBlog and Ewen: despite what you are saying about Strewth's new job funding interstate trips, I suspect most of the money is going towards stocking up the wine cellar.

  4. No, she said it was to pay off her debt to Andy and credit card bill!