Thursday, July 29, 2010

Running through Puddles!

6.45am - A warm-up on the treadmill at the gym before the 15mins abs class followed by some upper body strength work.
5.45pm - I met up with Chris and Ewen at Parliament House for a run in the steady constant rain. We ran down past the national gallery, Kings Avenue, Anzac Parade, Glebe Park, the library and back to PH. We ran carefully trying to avoid the biggest puddles and mud. It was a very mild evening temperature wise, just wet! In fact it was quite pleasant as we all wore spray jackets for a little protection from the rain. I was very wet by the finish but a quick towel dry and change of top meant I was ok to drive home relatively dry.
Total distance: 11.2km
Time taken: 1:15:41
Average pace per km: 6:45
Today was not such a good one. I didn't make it to training as I was struggling with a bad headache. I also had to take Teddy to the vet with a sore eye. He's now wearing one of those large plastic collars to stop him rubbing his eye and I have special ointment for him. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. On the up-side Mr B arrived home today after six weeks in Europe spent following motor racing and the Tour de France. He had a wonderful time. However, his plane was delayed over two hours due to a very foggy morning in Canberra. It has been another grey intermittently wet day and the forecast is not good for the weekend. It doesn't bode well for the bush capital running festival on Saturday! i hope it improves.


  1. There's rain and strong wind gusts forecast for Saturday here. I will be in Sydney where the forecast is for dry conditions and ten degrees warmer! Still, we will see.

  2. If it's raining I might upgrade from the 16k to the 5k ;)

    Poor Teddy!