Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Almost Worth it??

On Monday at training we ran our usual warm up loops before heading for the steep grassy bank leading us to the top of Parliament House where it's all happening at the moment. Actually, that's not true as it's all 'not-happening' as Parliament as been dissolved and we await the outcome for the new Prime Minister!

We ran up those hills for 25minutes varying the distances as numbers were called from 1-5 and each number represented the length of the hill, 5 being straight to the top. 25minutes can be a long time running up and down hills. It was tough but fun and 15 of us participated. On the last sprint to the top we were allowed to stop and count to 5 at two points on the way making the last part of the sprint to the top as fast as possible. We were then told to admire the view from the top. Yes, it was gorgeous up there looking down on the twinkling lights. It almost made the effort worth it!

We finished with a little run away from Parliament House. Although it was a shorter session than usual it was definitely a quality one! It was good to see our speedycoach joining in part of the run after coming back from injury.
Total distance: 6km
I have now visited a sports doctor and as a consequence have an appointment for an MRI next week. I also have a script for some medication. Hopefully we will solve this niggling pain once and for all!

Yesterday I went for a leisurely cycle ride with Margaret. Oh, when the sun is shining winter in Canberra can be very pleasant, especially when one is able to take puppy for a walk and go for cycles in the middle of the day!
Photos are from the Gold Coast over the running weekend
Saturday waiting for coffee:
Ewen, Roger, Victoria and Liz
Sunday after Liz, Roger and Victoria had run the marathon:
Liz, Ewen, Andy, me, Roger, Victoria, Heidi


  1. Oooooh .... those pics make me want to be back at the Goldcoast in the warm again.

    Hope your MRI and what follows fixes your injury problems pronto! Isn't it lucky that injuries don't get in the way of Saturday coffee?!

  2. I agree! One can never be too injured to enjoy coffee.

    Roger looks thin when he's not wearing yellow ;) Victoria and Liz could be sisters!

  3. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your page. Currently training for a half marthon myself. Its tough to find time, but I'm giving it a shot. Keep posting!