Monday, July 26, 2010

Ups and Downs

CJ creates Masterchef recipes - beef stroganoff and opera gateau - yum!

speedygeoff, CJ and Kermit at Blewitts

I went to my usual early morning gym session which included a 15mins abs class. I need all the help I can get.
Just after 5.45pm I met up with Jen, Ewen and Richard at Parliament House. Chris' car was in the carpark but no sign of Chris so we left for our run just before 6pm and headed down to the lake. It was a much milder evening than last Wednesday fortunately and half way through our run we met up with Chris on his return trip. He had left exactly on time tonight and we were running a few minutes late so missed each other at the start.
Total distance: 10km

Tonight I returned to training at Dickson Oval. After a couple of warm up loops we headed for the grassy bank to one side of the oval. It was a fun session. We were divided into relay teams of three and ran in zigzag format up and down the hills round white cones. The ups were tough but the downs were fast and it was lots of fun. I really enjoyed the session tonight.
Total distance: 8km

As I was on a time frame today I ran from home past the AIS and on to the O'Connor Ridge for a very pleasant hilly run through the trails. Then home again along the cycle tracks. I ran without music as my friend was downloading extra songs for me but I enjoyed the run.
Total distance: 10km
Later I headed off to a cocktail engagement party which turned into a surprise wedding -lots of fun!
Sunday - Vets' Monthly Handicap Run
I drove Marg and CJ to Blewitts for our July handicap run. This was definitely undulating - lots and lots of ups and yes, there were downs. It was a bit rough and muddy in parts but it really was a glorious winter's day. The sun was out and I ran in singlet and shorts, anticipating I would warm up on those hills! I didn't have to walk at all although some would argue that my running was their walking pace. It didn't matter, I was happy just to do it.
Jimmy was celebrating his 200th handicap run by dressing and running the event as Kermit the Frog. It was very funny.
Total distance: 7km (plus 1km warm up) = 8km
Time taken: 44minutes
Handicap: Group 23
Place: 89th out of 104
Later a few of us headed to Weston for coffee and a snack and a lovely catch up. Thanks for organising this Janene. It was fun. :)

It was exciting to watch the final episode of Masterchef in the evening - edge of the seat stuff and I was happy with the result. To me both boys were winners. CJ has been creating some of the Masterchef dishes and I was lucky enough to be invited for a delicious meal to sample some of her creations last weekend.


  1. Keep eating some of CJ's creations, they look beaut & obviously taste good. Soon you will be trim taut & terrific & back running as fast as ever.

  2. The middle frog looks to be in great shape. Can't wait to see the V8 flower cake created.