Friday, March 29, 2013

A Very Brief Overview of the past few weeks!

Team MamaMoves after Women's and Girls Fun Run CJ and strewth top right and Marg kneeling in front of us.
Coffee after the Parkrun with Ewen, CJ, Norma and Marg

A curious goose in Centennial Park
I have started this blog several times and deleted many drafts. The time has come to return to frequent blog updates. It has been such a busy few weeks with trips to Sydney to see Ronan Keating (fantastic) and to Wollongong for an Olympic distance triathlon for Mr B where he scored a bronze medal. Mr B also scored a Bronze at the Olympic distance tri at Mooloolaba in Queensland.
More recently we returned to Sydney to see Bruce Springsteen (The Boss) and that has to be one of the best concerts we have ever seen. He sang non-stop for over 3 hours and really played to the audience with his amazing personality.
While in Sydney I ran several times to and round Centennial Park for enough laps to complete 18km each time. The Canberra Marathon is now only two weeks away and my final really long run before the marathon was last Saturday when I ran 36km with CJ keeping me company for 26km. Company makes such a difference and of course the coffee afterwards with Ewen, CJ and Mr CJ made it all worthwhile. 
Currently we are having our bathroom renovated and there has been a lot of time spent selecting tiles, vanity, taps, colours etc. Mr B returned to work on Monday for four days a week. Life is definitely busy and full.
This weekend Canberra is hosting the Australian Masters Athletics Championships. We had stunning conditions for Day 1 today. I was out there from 7.45am until nearly 5pm volunteering. It was surprisingly exhausting but great to be able to give something back to all those inspiring athletes. I will be back there on Sunday but tomorrow I have my first taper run of 20km and will include the Parkrun for a bit of a tempo run. I also have Avon to deliver!


  1. She lives! It will be good to read your posts for the next, say, 28 days?

  2. So glad you are back blogging! Easter has turned on lovely running weather for us :)

  3. Woohoo! When your blog goes quiet I always wonder if you might have emmigrated back to NZ. Nice goose and geese :)