Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Weekend

This has been quite a weekend! On Good Friday I spent the day volunteering at the Australian Masters Athletics Championships at the AIS track. In the morning this meant lapscoring for the 10,000m events for all age groups. It was very exciting and some amazing times were achieved. This took most of the morning and then Margaret and I headed for the lower track where we assisted with the discus and later returned to the East field of the track where we assisted with the javelin throwing. It was a busy but fun day and we witnessed some very exciting records and PBs inbetween our duties.
Caroline wins Gold in W70 10,000m
Kelley Silver and Debbie Gold in W50 10,000m

Sue Archer wins Gold in W60 10,000m
Thea wins Gold in W30 10,000m

I only managed to take a few photos before duty called but it was great to have the opportunity to see a few presentations. Everyone was so happy with their great results.

On Saturday morning I ran from home to Lake Ginninderra and managed to incorporate the Parkrun into my long run. This was my first taper run so obviously the distance was much less than the previous Saturday. I managed to beat my last time for this run by 34 seconds and was placed 53rd (17th woman) in a field of 74 winning my age group which probably meant I was the only one in it lol! 
My time for the 5km was 28.22 which was an average pace of 5:40 per km.
I continued my run with CJ for company for the next few kms before running back home to make a total of 22.3km for the day.
Later I delivered Avon and had a great coffee and lunch with CJ and Mr B at one of our favourite cafes.

On Sunday it was back to the track for more lap scoring, this time at the 5000m events. In the first race I had three people to lapscore for and that makes for a lot of concentration as we don't choose our competitors and are often given people we don't know, from interstate. The first time they run past us we are all seeking out our people, checking their numbers and colours and ensuring we recognise them as they pass us next time. I was lucky when it came to the women as I was able to lapscore for Kathy and that made it very exciting.
Being Easter Sunday we had our Canberra part of the family over for dinner and a little Easter egg hunt for the grandchildren later in the day. As we are currently having bathroom renovations done there is a lot of dust and debris about so a fair bit of cleaning was involved before our guests arrived for roast lamb and chocolate dessert followed by Easter eggs!

Today I headed out for an easy 10km run. The first half was anything but easy. Whether it was an overload of chocolate I'm not sure but my legs felt heavy and I felt very sluggish. However, I ran past the AIS and down towards the city before returning and felt a lot better on the return trip. Later in the day I took Teddy for an undulating 7km walk. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to eat more cleanly as the chocolate has finally been consumed! I will be working the afternoon shift so a morning run will be a necessity and just a short run is scheduled.


  1. I'm looking for a female bathroom tiler ;-)

    Busy weekend! Thea would have been happy with that. Gold medal winner! Glad you didn't get hit on the head by a discus or speared by a javelin... or worse still, miscount someone's laps.

  2. Good on you for doing such good, disciplined marathon training. Mine has been much more ad hoc (yikes!). Also good on you for doing so much volunteering at the Masters. If I don't see you beforehand I'll see you on Marathon Day :)

    1. Thanks Liz. How is that poor swollen ankle of yours? I hope all that ice treatment worked! Less than two weeks to go - eeek!!