Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Tempo Run at BBQ Stakes on a stunning Autumn Day

Today was a stunner. It was cool and foggy early as I drove into the city to meet up with Liz and CJ for a very pleasant breakfast. It was such a lovely catch up. Later in the morning I headed out to run in the BBQ Stakes handicap run in Woden. By this time it had reached 25deg and felt very warm indeed in the gorgeous sunshine. I had only managed to run 800m before the race and then I accidentally started in the wrong group which means my place won't be counted anyway. However I expect I will find out my official time eventually. My calculations indicate it was almost the same time as last week.
I forgot to take my garmin today, one of the problems of packing your bag the night before a run, trying to remember everything. At least I wasn't as bad as Jen who had to whizz to Rebel and buy a crop top before she could run, having forgotten to pack it in her bag!
After the run I ran a warm down of 3.3km with Gary (for half of it), Helen and Jen. This gave me a total distance of 10km which is what I needed.
After the run Jen and I headed to one of our favourite cafes for a light lunch and coffee. Then it was home to bring in the washing and take Teddy for a very enjoyable walk on a very balmy evening. Part of our walk was on trails which meant Teddy could run freely without his lead and he does enjoy that so much. It was a good day.
On the bathroom front, the plumber came today and installed the vanity unit, taps, towel rail, hooks and toilet. It's definitely starting to take shape. Tomorrow I think the man is coming to resurface the bath.


  1. Totally love the Jen crop top story! I can so relate. If it had of been me Jen I'd have got distracted in Rebel and ended up shopping instead of going back to BBQ stakes! Great to catch up with you girls @ brekkie yesterday Ruth :)

  2. The closest I can come to that is shopping for goggles at a swimming carnival at Homebush. And shopping for swimmers at another swimming carnival at the AIS.

  3. Same thing happened to me in LA - ran out of clean undies so bought an emergency pair at the local $2 shop.