Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Speedygeese at Dickson Oval - a first for me this season.

I seem to have recovered quickly from any after effects of the marathon. I went on a gentle run on Wednesday of just 24mins and on Thursday had a recovery massage before running another gentle run on Friday for 25mins with Teddy. On Saturday I was on duty at the Parkrun and it was great to be able to cheer on so many people I knew. CJ was on roster too so after the run we headed for coffee to join our friends. It was fun on a very cold windy morning. It would have been hard to run a PB in that wind.
On Sunday I headed from home for a slightly longer run but still at a very slow pace. I felt a bit sluggish as it was first run of any distance. The first half was really slow but I felt better after that 5km was done.
Total distance: 10.12km
Autumn colours on one of my runs
This afternoon I returned to my first speedygeese session since the marathon. It was the Tuesday session at Dickson Oval - another first for me this season. There had been a few early starters who left before the main session but Miranda stayed to run a few warm up loops of the oval with us before only four of us (Clint, Colin, Susan and I) ran a pyramid session like an 'M' ie we ran 200m fast/200m slow, 300m fast/slow, 400m fast/slow, 300m fast/slow, 200m fast/slow and then back up and down again the same way. That was 5km or 30mins of pyramids. Those 400m sprints were the hardest but the thought that the distance would reduce in the next one kept me going. Colin outsprinted everyone but I ran my best and didn't feel too bad. It was a cool evening but there was no wind and we had lights as the Bilbys were out there training in large numbers so it was all good!
Total distance: 9.2km


  1. Hope you have lovely autumn weather for the wedding. See you Monday for Champers!

  2. I hope to join you @ Dickson Oval Speedy Geese this Tues pm.

  3. Will you be at the Dickson Oval session again this Tues Ruth??? Hope to see you & CJ there :)

    1. I hope to make it this week Liz. It will be great to see you both there:)