Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tempo Time with less than two weeks to go!

And so it was! Work until 2pm, followed by collection of Avon orders, followed by a chat to the tiler after admiring his handiwork (the wall tiles are looking great), followed by changing into running clothes and heading off for a run. I followed the cycle track from home and headed towards Gungahlin for 5.5km before returning. I ran a warm up for 2km before picking up the pace and running a tempo run for 8km and a warm down for 1km. 
The temperature was cool to start (our top temperature was only 17deg today) but the sun was out and I warmed up fairly quickly.
Total distance: 11km
Total time taken: 1:06:50
Average pace per km: 6:04
Best pace at the 10km mark: 5:42
Calories burned: 642
And after all that I quickly changed into something much warmer and took Teddy for a walk until the sun was too low in the sky and I headed home to hang out washing and cook some dinner.
I'm not sure about all this working business. It doesn't leave many spare hours in the day and as Mr B is doing a 3 month stint working too I don't have a magic fairy to make the housework disappear!
Tomorrow morning the carpenter comes followed by the electrician so there should be even more progress on the bathroom when I arrive home from work tomorrow afternoon before my next run.


  1. It's 'all go' at your home, Ruth! Don't worry about the housework for's Marathon Time! I hope to do Ginninderra Park Run on 13th, day before the marathon, so might see you then.....depending on the weather....won't drive in the rain. Take it easy now! You'll run a good marathon....I predict it!

  2. I need to find myself a magic fairy!