Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A Stunning Autumn Day in Canberra

I ran a short run this morning as per my schedule. It was just a run from home and out towards Gungahlin turning at the 4km point and heading home again. I ran slowly but the conditions were ideal - a gorgeous Autumn day. It was very fresh but the sky was gradually becoming bluer and by the time I was on my last few kms the sun was bright in the sky. I love mornings like this.
Total distance: 8km
Then it was off to work after a quick chat with the bathroom tiler. The bathroom is progressing and looking good. By the time I arrived home from work in the evening the floor tiles had been laid.

Tomorrow morning and in fact every morning this week I am working until 2pm so it looks like afternoon runs may need to happen. The forecast for tomorrow is also for much cooler temperatures than we have been having.

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  1. Can't beat afternoon runs - beautiful weather this time of year!