Thursday, April 04, 2013

An "Easy" run with Teddy!

This afternoon after work I decided to incorporate Teddy's outing with my run as I only had an 8km easy run scheduled. I use the word "easy" loosely. It was actually anything but easy to keep an excitable dog focussed on the track ahead.
Teddy  wanted to check out the lamp posts, trees and every passing dog and would suddenly pull across my path when he spotted something of interest. This is a bit disconcerting when trying to stay upright and run in a straight line! However we managed to get into a reasonable rhythm eventually and completed the required distance without too much drama. It turned out to be a bit slow due to a few doggy detours!
Total distance: 8km
Time taken: 51:32
Average pace per km: 6:26
Calories burned: 456
Tomorrow I have a rest day scheduled (at least from running)! Unfortunately I will miss out on Body Balance as I'm working in the morning. I'm looking forward to meeting a friend for coffee after my shift.


  1. An easy run is also useful. Enjoy the coffee break with your friend!

    1. Thanks Giorgio. I had a lovely coffee:)

  2. I thought you were working this arvo. Was going to drop in on my way to long run with Andy. Was going to ask did you have the Hoka One Ones in the shop - and try on the Boost!

    1. I'm working again all day tomorrow Ewen. We have lots of Boost but no Hoka One Ones in store.