Saturday, March 02, 2013

Friends are so important:)

On Wednesday I didn't have a work shift so I decided to go to BBQ Stakes in Woden. I haven't made it there for nearly 12months so it was a big adventure! The course has changed a little, for the better! I decided to run with Caroline and it was such fun to have her company and know I was going the right way. We had a lot of catching up (ie talking) to do so it was a great opportunity and the hills were far less noticeable that way! I ran about 3km with Jen before the event and afterwards Jen and I ran another 4km as I had 13km on my schedule. Ah, it's good to have accommodating friends who love to run!
Total distance of BBQ Stakes: 6km
Time taken: 37:59
Average pace per km: 6:16
Total distance for day: 13km (including warm up and cool down)

On Thursday it rained nearly all day but just before I drove to track the rain stopped and the conditions were ideal for running. I met Marg in the carpark where we were informed that track session had been cancelled. It seemed a shame to waste the trip so we decided to go for a run anyway, outisde the track.
We headed out towards the city where we ran past Lyneham and down towards the lake. We turned and headed back supposedly the way we came but managed to lose the original track and ran a detour around O'Connor. We eventually found our way and surprisingly arrived back at our cars just at the exact distance that I required for my schedule. We also timed it perfectly in that the heavens opened just as we reached our two lonely cars in the carpark. Good luck or was that good management? I'm not sure Marg had intended to run that far but I was very happy to have her company and we were so lucky to avoid the rain and enjoy the cooler weather
Total distance: 14km
Time taken: 1:35:48
Average pace per km: 6:50
Calories burned: 802

Friday was a rest day although I worked the late shift. I enjoyed my Body Balance class in the morning. It really is the only way I do a decent stretch session and I really need it with my very inflexible body!

The alarm was set far too early in order for me to digest breakfast and run out the door at 6.45am. I ran to Lake Burley Griffin and detoured on the way before meeting CJ at the ferry terminal at 8am after she had also run from home. The trouble is her distance from home was 2.5km further than mine which meant she was kind enough to run the extra kms at the end of her run so that I still had company. We tucked our ipods in our pockets and talked almost the entire way. When I arrived at the ferry terminal there was speedygeoff about to run too. We spotted him running in the opposite direction a couple of times on our run. We also spotted Liz and Pam out there later in our run and organised to meet Liz for coffee afterwards.
I have to say that was the most comfortable long run I have had for ages. It made such a difference having someone to talk to for the majority of the run and to share our pain. We did have to struggle over the last few kms as we battled a head wind running towards the carillon. There wasn't a lot of chatting going on at that stage as we were concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other but it was much better when we turned around and headed back to the ferry terminal. There Liz was waiting and we all headed off for coffee. The wait was too long, the coffee was mediocre but the company was fantastic. Friends are the best and I am so lucky with mine!
Total distance: 32.54km
Time taken: 3:39:47
Average pace per km: 6:45
Calories burned: 1903
Later after a quick shower I collected CJ and we drove back to the ferry terminal to watch Mr B compete in his first Olympic distance triathlon this season. The conditions were dreadful, choppy water in the lake and blustery cold weather. In spite of this he still finished first in his age group against several others. While he was out on his run CJ and I walked over to Stage 88 to collect our numbers for the Women's and Girls Fun Run in the morning. I think we may be running a little slowly after today!



  1. What? CJ talks, doesn't listen to her iPod? I'm in shock!

    I'm glad I'm one of your less important friends who wasn't invited to coffee... I hate waiting (and paying top dollar for ordinary coffee).

  2. It was a great run and my best 30+km run in this training program.

  3. Strewth .... it's 3+ weeks since your last blog update. We're waiting - sort of patiently :)

  4. Yes! I'm waiting for your Hoka One One review!