Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday Speedygeese relays backing up on Tuesday

Monday - speedygeese
Last night CJ and I arranged to meet at Parliament House to run a short warm up before the main session. We managed to squeeze in 5km by the time we returned to PH to join the other speedygeese. I was really happy to see Marg had made it back to SG after about a two year break. CJ one week, Marg the next. I am so delighted to have my buddies back training on a Monday night.
We started the main session by running a warm up loop of PH and then headed for the rose garden. Here we were divided into teams of three. I was put in a team with Sophie and Marg. We ran a similar session to last week except our loop this week was 550m and it was very hot. At least we had some shade where we were running. Inbetween being tagged by our team members we managed an easy jog of the same 550m loop.
After our warm down CJ and I ran another loop of PH to make up our required distance. It felt hard but at least we had each other's company to keep us going.
Total distance including our early warm up: 14.3km

This morning before my work shift I ran 11.17km. I started the run too late in the morning to safely run any more kms before preparing for work so there were a few kms to be done later as my schedule said 14km easy.
I ran my morning run from home, past the AIS towards the city, turned left at Macarthur Ave and crossed at Miller Street to continue on the track to O'Connor and on through Lyneham and back to the cycle track to lead me up the hilly track to home again. It was humid, overcast and I was very hot by the time I finished.
Then this afternoon after work I changed and took Teddy with me to run for the remaining 3km that I required to make up my distance. We managed to avoid the storm that was brewing although it was starting to drizzle and there was rolling thunder in the distance.
Total distance for day: 14.17km
Calories burned: 824
Time taken: 1hr 35mins
Average pace per km: 6:44

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