Saturday, February 02, 2013

A Long Run for a Working Girl!

On Thursday I opted not to enter the 10,000m on the track and decided to do something a little different. I ran from home to the AIS Track for the first time and arrived just in time to take part in the 2000m walking race.  It was a handicapped event and I started on 6minutes 45seconds.
Time taken: 14:38
Average pace: 7:33

I ran a 1km warm down and then stayed to lap score for Caroline who was running as a W70 in the 10,000m. It was very exciting and she ended up beating the current W70 record by 2 minutes and finished in a time of 56minutes - fantastic! Rad established a new M85 record and it was great to watch him finish nearly 2 laps ahead of the M75 runner. I was so glad I stayed to lapscore. The overall winner was Bruce who finished in a time of 34:15 as an M50 - pretty impressive!
My total distance with the warm up and cool down and the run to the track: 9km

Friday - First Day at Work
After my Body Balance class which included some much needed stretching I organised myself for my first day in training at The Runners' Shop. I have heaps to learn but I'm sure I will enjoy the work once I feel more competent and confident! There's so much to know about all the different types of running shoes.

Saturday - Long Run
This morning I set the alarm for 5am to allow time to digest breakfast and I headed out the door at 6.45am. It was quite cold and I battled a head wind on the way to the cycle track at Lyneham which leads down to Lake Burley Griffin. It's almost exactly 8km to the ferry terminal and from there I ran the 16km West Basin loop of the lake. When I returned to the ferry terminal I ran back to and around the Museum before heading back the way I had come and this time running to the carillon and then back along Anzac Parade to the War Memorial where I met Ewen at the cafe. This gave me my required distance. 

During my run I passed Sue running in the opposite direction. She's training for Canberra Marathon too. There were a lot of cyclists about but not a huge number of runners although there were several walkers. The temperature was much cooler today which is far more pleasant for running but when I was approaching the carilllon the head wind was very strong and I was hardly moving at times. I did wear my spray jacket tied around my waist for the majority of the run as when I started off it was very chilly and after the run I cooled down very quickly.
Total distance: 32km
Time taken: 3:37:50
Average pace per km: 6:48
Calories burned: 1867
As well as my  coffee I enjoyed a piece of yummy sticky date pudding with icecream at the war memorial replacing quite a few of those 'burned' calories!


  1. I should have gone the sticky date. Couldn't justify the calories though, after my long run of 13k ;)