Friday, February 22, 2013

A Slow Run at Track:(

Yesterday I headed for track in time for a short warm up before the 2000m fitness walk. I didn't feel very wonderful and was feeling a bit tired but decided I should at least build up a few kms as I hadn't run earlier in the day when I was working. It took a while to warm up but I felt ok about the walk.
Total distance: 2000m
Time taken: 14:42

After this event Marg and I ran outside the AIS track for just over 4km before entering in the 3000m run. We were the only two females and I still felt pretty ordinary. In fact I debated not running but decided as I was already there I may as well run a few more kms. I felt sluggish and slow the entire way as reflected in my results but at least the temperature was mild although there was quite a head wind each time we ran on the home straight. I was glad to finish!
Total distance: 3000m
Time taken: 16:46
Average pace per km: 5:40
Age percentage: 69%
Total distance for night including warm ups: 10km

Today, Friday, I had a rest day from work and running. Instead I went to a great Body Balance class in the morning, visited a sick friend in hospital, collected Avon orders and visited customers, met a friend for coffee, bought clear contact to cover my barcode for the Parkrun tomorrow and took Teddy for a walk. Now it's time for bed as tomorrow I am running to the Parkrun, then taking part in it for the first time, before running home again as this is my shorter running week.
At lunchtime I'm going to view an auction at a neighbour's house so that I can check out my potential new neighbours! I'm also hoping to go to a housewarming party later in the day.


  1. You can do ALL that in one day?! OMG!!

  2. You need to retire!

    By the way, your 3000m pace is 5:35 per k ;-) That'd give you a 3:56 marathon, so just call it a marathon-paced training run. Well done!