Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Running Tired!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had a shift at The Runners' Shop in the morning and later in the day Mr B and I headed off to The Boathouse for the second of the summer series 5km runs. I  arrived early deliberately so that I could run the course beforehand to give me a few more kms. It was extremely hot at that time of day which was not pleasant. I saw lots of familiar faces and ran part of the warm up with Ewen. 
I found the race hard but it felt as though I ran faster than I actually did so I was a bit disappointed that it was actually 5secs slower than last week. There were a couple of undulations and it was very hot but that is not a very good excuse.
After the race I ran a cool down with speedygeoff, Andy, Susan and Ewen. 
Distance for race: 5km
Time taken: 29:43
Average pace per km: 5:56
Total distance for day including warm up and cool down: 14km
Calories burned:  815

Today (Wednesday)I went for an early run at the start of the day before the weather turned too hot.
I ran from home and to the lovely grassy oval in the next suburb. Here I ran 1600m (4 x 400m laps) in 9 minutes. I was scheduled to do this three times but after just once I  didn't have anything in my legs to go fast. My throat has been sore and it feels like razor blades. It's been like this for several days now and it is starting to affect my oomph! I will take some medication tonight to help me sleep better at least.  I need a whole lot more energy!
Total distance: 11km
Time taken: 1:15
Average pace per km: 6:53
Calories burned: 640
As soon as I arrived home I collected Teddy and took him for a brisk 7km walk including two big runs at the oval. He was a tired happy puppy and I was a tired mummy:) 
I watched Notting Hill tonight on telly. I've seen it so many times and count it as one of my favourite movies. It still has the ability to bring tears to my eyes! So much for an early night! It's now 11.30pm!

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  1. If you're getting a cold, stay away from me at the track tonight!