Friday, February 08, 2013

Not a Happy Goose!

My throat is still dry and sore. I have a nasty cough and have almost lost my voice - not good:( Yesterday morning I ran from home loaded with jelly snakes to leave in the corner of my mouth to stop me coughing. I was scheduled to run an easy run so that is exactly what I did. I ran at a slow pace out and back for the required distance and it was definitely less than ordinary!
Total distance: 13km
Calories burned: 764
Time taken: 1hr 30mins (slow as!)
I ran in the morning as I was on roster duty at track in the evening and I'm very glad I was as I couldn't have run fast to save myself. It was also extremely hot at 6pm. Instead I was on the registration desk and had loads of sympathy sent my way as I had such a croaky voice!
This morning I went to Body Balance class and did enjoy the stretching although now I think I might have overstretched my right hamstring. I can't win at the moment!
Tomorrow's long run might be interesting. I hope I have some energy and don't cough my way through it!  I'll be hanging out for Liz' birthday coffee afterwards!


  1. Thanks for standing 2 metres away from me Thusday night.

    Where are the birthday photos?!