Sunday, February 24, 2013

My First Parkrun!

My first Parkrun with Marg and CJ (I'm in the middle with the sick smile!) Thanks to Gary B for the photoshoot:)
Running on the wet path in the Parkrun
Aranda Bushlands January Vets' Handicap
Today the rain has been steadily pouring down quenching the thirst of the grass and garden. It was lovely and great timing as this morning it stopped just long enough for everyone to finish the monthly handicap without the deluge. There was a steady drizzle as I drove to the southside early this morning to record the starters and finishers in part of the Thomas series or longer course runners. I was on roster duty which worked out well as I had another rest day scheduled today.

Yesterday I had a shorter long run scheduled and decided to run from home to Lake Ginninderra to take part in the 5km Ginninderra Parkrun. Parkruns are free timed 5km runs which are held all over the world and it was quite exciting to finally take part in one. My training schedule was just to run a gentle 16km run so I ran the 5km to the start of the run where I arrived at the same time as CJ who had also run from her home in the opposite direction. Marg arrived shortly afterwards and we also saw lots of other people we knew. It was a fun non threatening run and although it was drizzly the conditions were really great for running.
Time for 5km run: 28:56 
Place in age group: 1st
After a little chat at the end of the run I ran home again, quickly collected Teddy and continued on for another 5km with him running and stopping to check out the lamp posts!
Total distance for morning run: 20km 
That was a fun way to run the required distance.


  1. You're looking good and flying in that bottome photo. Obviously didn't borrow it off Speedygeoff ;-)

    1. You need a proofreader Ewen tee hee! No "bottome" here!!

    2. But you do look goode. At the bottome, flyinge.

    3. And as longe as your bottome doesn't weigh a tonne you'll keep on flyinge!