Monday, February 11, 2013

Winning the Wooden Spoon!

Yesterday (Sunday) I took part in the annual sprint marathon relay. We met near Goverment House and were sent to our team captains. There were nine teams of six people in each team so it was a good turnout on an excellent running day weather-wise.
Unfortunately I didn't run as well as I would have liked as my cold was limiting my breathing ability and I'm sure I was the reason that our team won the Wooden Spoon trophy. It was all good fun though.
I was team member number five and started with a 2km sprint before tagging the next team member number 6 who tagged team member 1 etc. My next three sprints were 1km in length but the last one was another 2km half of it uphill and at the top of that undulation all the team members had to catch up to each other and run together for the last 1km back to the start holding hands over the finish line. The first team crossed the line in 2:36:24 and our team took 2:45:39 with the other teams spread inbetween.
It was a fun event. I was just cross to be suffering fron this silly cold and to not be able to run my best.
Total distance with warm up: 8km

Monday speedygeese
I managed to squeeze in 4km before the start of the session which was a repeat of last week's session. After the warm-up we were divided into teams of 3 and ran relays round the 350m undulatiing loop - downhill then a grassy uphill slope and a race to tag our next team member. In between fast runs the waiting team members ran a slow loop of the same course to keep the legs moving.
Then it was a warm down loop of Parliament House.
Total distance with warm up: 12.5km


  1. Next year I'm going to walk my legs... I want to become a "Spooner"!

    Think you're also suffering "fron" poor proof-reading ;-) We'll miss you at cross country this arvo -- hope you're not being run off your feet in the shop.

  2. I have a cold! I was working with you on Thursday. I'm blaming you for my cold! That aside, I hope you get well soon :-)

    1. Aaaw sorry Janene:( Do hope you are much better by now.

  3. Hey at least you won something!