Saturday, February 09, 2013

Fabulous Fifty!

This morning I woke to the alarm just before 5am feeling a little better. My throat wasn't quite as sore and although I needed a couple of tablets to clear my headache I was operational. There was also a text from CJ saying she had decided not to run. At one stage she thought she might run with me but it was probably just as well she had a rest day as my run was extremely slow. I still don't have much energy and of course my running is affected by my cold. However, I was very pleased to be able to complete my schedule. Although I started running from the War Memorial at 7.20am I still found it quite warm (ie hot) but maybe it was because I had a slight temperature. I didn't cough too much though and although the last few kms felt very very long I made it and the best part was yet to come! I didn't have time to go home for a shower so it was a quick freshen up and a change of running top before joining Liz' running friends.

Total distance: 26km
Time taken: 3:01:25
Average pace per km: 6:59
Calories burned: 1483

We celebrated Liz' 50th birthday with coffee and an amazing cake at the War Memorial cafe. There were 22 of us there and it was so good to see so many running friends, some of whom I had not officially met before although they are well known in running circles. It was loads of fun, a really lovely morning and my goodness Liz really is a fabulous fifty!  Officially she turns 50 on Tuesday but tomorrow she and her hubby are off to NZ to celebrate in style. She really does look so much younger than almost 50 - must be all those incredible speedy kms she runs.

CJ, Strewth and Liz

speedygeoff, Steve & Ewen

Kerry, Liz and Elle

Liz and her amazing 50th birthday cake


  1. Delighted that you and all my other running mates could make my 50th birthday runners' morning tea today. I've been a runner for 30+yrs of my 50yrs and it was soooooooooooo good to celebrate and acknowledge that with all of you today.

  2. She doesn't look 50 at all and looked very nice at the morning tea.