Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where did the week go?

Sprint Marathon Relay team with our wooden spoons

Running in the relay

Tori, Elle, Peter, Strewth, Bryan

Finishing together
Mr B with gold medal after the Huskisson tri

So much running since my last blog update and so little time. This working business takes up so much of my spare time but I'm enjoying it. The only trouble is I had forgotten how tiring it is to do marathon training and work two jobs, one being Avon!
Last Friday after I finished work we drove to Huskisson for Mr B's tri on the Sat. It was a very early start as we were staying in Nowra which is about 20 mins drive from the start. This meant we set the alarm for 4.15am to give time to get to transition with the bike before it closed at 6.30am, check everything and be ready for a 7am start. It started to rain and was quite cool as I was waiting for the start. I needed a coat with a hood to keep me warm and dry and a lovely young lady shared her large umbrella with me while she was there.
However the rain cleared by the start of the race and the water was smooth. Although the road was slightly wet the conditions were pretty good for the bike. There were a few hitches as Mr B forgot his goggles and his race belt and worse still he was pinged for drafting and lost three minutes standing in the penalty box. In spite of all these mishaps he still managed to win his age group and was ahead of the next person in his age group by 3 minutes. We waited until he was presented with his medal before we drove back to Canberra, such a proud moment.
Next morning (Sunday) I had to set the alarm for 4.30am this time in order to eat breakfast and get ready for my long run. I ran from home to the ferry terminal where Marg was meeting me on her bike. There I had a big surprise as my Tuesday group friend Marilyn turned up to run round west basin so I had company running as well as a cyclist with me. It was fantastic. What a difference it makes to have company. Marilyn stopped after the 16km loop but I still had 8km to run. I ran with Marg cycling near me, past the carillon before turning to run the last few kms. I found the last 4km really hard and struggled to keep running. However, I made it and we rewarded ourselves with coffee and a toasted bagel with honey and ricotta.
Total distance: 32km
Time taken: 3:40
Average pace per km: 6:53
Calories burned: 1852

Today I met CJ at Parliament House in time for us to run a 3km warm up before the main session of speedygeese. It was great to have her company as she hasn't been to our training for about 2 years. We all ran a warm up loop before heading for the rose gardens where we ran 200m intervals for 30mins non-stop. We were told to run it as we felt and after the first few laps which I ran steadily I picked up pace in the 100m straights at the top and ran those faster. It was a tough session and everyone worked really hard. The warm down at the end was hard and CJ and I ran an extra loop of PH afterwards to make up our respective distances.
Total distance: 13.5km
Calories burned: 781

It was quite hard running again this morning after yesterday afternoon's session. However I needed to fit in my run before work. I ran from home and down through the tunnel towards Gungahlin for 6.5km before turning and returning home. The weather was ideal at that time of day but my legs were tired from yesterday so it was a bit of a struggle.
Total distance: 13km
Time taken: 1:31
Average pace per km: 6:57
Calories burned: 786

Tomorrow morning I have another work shift and as I'm going to bed very late I think I will need to run in the evening.


  1. Thanks for bringing CJ out to Speedygeese training. Buy you a coffee if you can keep her coming ;-)

    1. She deserves more than one measly coffee! Anyway, coffee is bad for you.

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    3. Good to have that in writing Ewen:)