Thursday, August 02, 2007

Enjoying Running Again and The Black Knight's Family

The Black Knight and his lovely Daniela with Sir Giorgio and Anneliese at the lovely Italian restaurant in the hills.

T-shirt presentations for CJ and Strewth


Yesterday morning I actually rolled out of bed at 5.30am and went for a short block run in the freezing cold complete with ear warmers, leggings, long sleeved top and gloves. I only managed a short run as my tummy was complaining but it was a start albeit an extremely slow one!
Total distance: 5km

Distance: 8.5km
Location: Lake Burley Griffin (no sunsets Ewen)

Mr B ran from home and met me after work when we ran to the lake and round the two bridges and back to the office. Apart from one loo stop I managed the whole run comfortably and felt great. Yay, at last a good run. Now I feel better. Mr B ran 16.5km and obviously has had no ill effects after our trip. Must be cos he doesn't have to go back to work!

Note I am not recording my times until they improve more. Currently they are over 6min km and I'm not happy with that! But I will just keep on running and hope for improvement. The extra 3 kilos I put on overseas probably doesn't help!


  1. Very nice memories, thank you!

  2. I keep coming to your blog Strewthy to read about the latest insights into training techniques, racing strategies etc but continue to read about days lost in the Tuscany hills, and other decadent adventures.

    At least you are back running. Those extra you-know-what (the unmentionable flubber stuff) will fall off in no time. Take care.

  3. Cool T-shirts. I want to see them on the Saturday down at Molonglo one day.

    Hey, CJ is game to record her times! I take pride in having times over 6:00/km. That's my aim these days.