Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Shenanigans!

Friday: Gym
I just missed the last bike in the RPM session this morning so I did my own thing instead. I spent 15mins on the treadmill (boring cos I didn't take my ipod as I thought I was doing a class), 10mins on the bike then shoulder press, chest press and lots of abs and stretches.

Saturday - Run
It was a dreadfully windy day and a real battle for the first half of the run. I started off with Mr B but he lost me by the end of our street! I ran from home, round Lake G then back towards Gungahlin before turning and running home. The last half of the run was much more pleasant as the wind had calmed down and it wasn't such a struggle.

Distance: 17.28km Time taken: 1hr 47:05 Average pace per km: 6:12 Calories burned: 1019

Monday - speedygeoff's training at Parliament House
Tonight after our 2km warm up loop we ran on the grassy loop in front of PH. Our session was as follows: 30secs sprint, 40secs sprint, 50secs sprint, 60secs sprint with the same amount of time running a recovery run inbetween. We repeated this three times then ran a cool down loop of PH.
Total distance: 9km exactly! Calories burned: 530

My calorie intake is still greater than I'm burning. This weekend was my son's 30th birthday (eeek) and party time. The theme of his party was the letter "P" (P being the first letter of his name) thus Mr B went as the Pope and I went as Pocahontas. It was loads of fun. After the party it was babysitting duties and a family dinner next night. Last weekend our grand-daughter turned 5 and tomorrow is our 36th wedding anniversary - another celebratory dinner coming up! How am I supposed to lose these extra kilos with all these celebrations going on!!

A Pink Elephant for Talia's 5th birthday Family dressing up as "P" - Pocahontas, Pope,
Pupil, Policewoman, Pacman, Prisoner, Pussycat


  1. You look far too young to be married for 36 years!

    Congratulations on the wedding anniversary!

  2. Mr B as Pope Beni XVI! A touch of Italy. Very clever.

    Your Italian tan gives Pocahontas the perfect complexion.

  3. pocahontas has some hot legs!

  4. Congratulations for all the anniversaries! Very nice pictures.