Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Strewth! This is good for you!"

Thus spake the speedy chief as he watched me struggle to run the 8 x 300m sprint relays in our training session tonight. Oh I felt such a slow goose as I plodded as fast as these little legs could carry me. We ran a couple of warm-up loops of Dickson Oval then divided into relay teams of three with batons. Marg and I were put with poor Colin who is probably the fastest of the speedy geese. I say 'poor' because he was lumbered with the slowest goose ever!! However I just kept on running and managed the session without stopping.

After the 2km warm-up it was 8 x 300m, pass the baton to the next team member, then jog back 200m to wait for the baton - not enough rest for some of us! The session was followed by one long loop for a cool-down.

Total distance: 8km
Calories burned: 490

Wednesday - 5.45am - Run
With gloves, ear warmers, arm warmers, long sleeves and leggings I struggled out the door and ran the Kaleen block of 6km slowly but surely enjoying my music on the run! I'm not getting any faster!

Distance: 5.9km
Time taken: 36:47
Average pace per km: 6:14!
Calories burned: 350

Tuesday - Return to the Gym
This morning I returned to the gym for a Bodypump session - oh boy, it was hard. I used really light weights. Having a 7 week break is like starting all over again. But I'm sure it's good for me!!

Speedy pelicans preening themselves in Mykonos!!


  1. I hear you! Its hard work getting back into all of it again. I need another holiday!

  2. Now I know why I don't do the Thursday session!

    I'll be my usual slow self on Monday after the City to Surf.

    I've stopped feeling sorry for CJ - her 31k run was quicker than our short run pace.