Saturday, June 08, 2013

No PB for me today

Last night I watched the movie The Green Mile on telly and I absolutely loved it. Trouble is it ended at 12.20am this morning (being almost 4 hours long) and my alarm was set for 5.55am - not much time for a good sleep! However I was up as soon as the alarm rang, did my planks, had a piece of white toast and half a banana and prepared for my 5km run to the start of the Gindy Parkrun. It was minus 2 degrees outside and I layered up with skins under shorts, t-shirt, long sleeved top, spray jacket, ear warmers, cap and gloves. At least I had warmed up by the start of the event. I met up with Marg there and Mr B was a volunteer. I stripped down to a t-shirt but kept on my long skins under my shorts and wore my earwarmers and gloves. I felt as though I was running well but my time definitely did not reflect this. After the Parkrun finished I chatted to a few friends before running back home. Marg ran well achieving a PB and was only a minute behind me. Next Friday night the goal will be an early night! Let's see if I can improve my time finally.
Distance of Parkrun: 5km
Time taken: 28:30
Age percentage: 70.06%
Place in age group: 1st (I'll have a shock if someone else runs in my age group)!
Overall place: 80th (out of 111)
Total distance of run: 15km
Once home I had a quick shower, donned my uniform and drove off to work for the rest of the day at The Runners' Shop.

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  1. Can't argue with 1st place. 70% is good too - that's my goal for the year - one race over 70%. At the moment I'm about 55%!