Friday, June 14, 2013

Inclement Weather!

Brrr, it's been cold, wet and windy over the past few days. On Wednesday I had the afternoon shift at work and it rained and it rained. In the morning, just by way of a change, I went to a Cross Training class at the gym. It was a mix of cardio, weights and abs work and was quite challenging. It was a good workout and quite different from what I usually do. 
On Thursday all sportsgrounds were closed due to the recent steady rain. I worked until 2pm when I met Ewen for a coffee catch up before driving home to take Teddy out with me for my run. I was lucky in my timing as we avoided the rain. It was a good run and we both enjoyed it.
Total distance: 7km
This morning I went to my usual Friday Body Balance class for necessary stretching. Of course Teddy still had his long walk with me this afternoon. It was not a very pleasant day but there were only a few drops of rain as we walked.
Tomorrow the plan is to run a longer run incorporating the Parkrun. Fingers crossed the weather isn't too unkind.


  1. Thankfully we got rid of the inclement weather before the weekend. Now it just has to stay like this for my return to work Tuesday!

  2. I thought you were going to update your blog? Don't tell me Nick is working you too hard?!

  3. Where are you Strewth??? You've disappeared from blog land :(

  4. Yes, are you still alive? You need to blog - Norma had no idea you were injured.

  5. Come on Strewth .... you ran a good CT fun run yesterday. Surely that's enough to kick start your blogging again :)

  6. 1,001 damnations! Where's she gone?