Monday, August 07, 2006

And so another week begins - And Spring is coming!

Before Work - Gym Session
10mins warm up on treadmill
Later Pullodwn - 3 x 12 (25kg)
Cable seated row - 3 x 12 (50kg)
DB Bench Press - 3 x 10 (20lb)
Pec Dec Fly - 3 x 12 (25kg)
Upright row - 3 x 12 (10lb)
DB Shoulder Press - 3 x 12 (10lb)
Stretches for all parts of body
Abs/Core - Back extension - 2 x 15; modified plank - 3 x 60secs;
bicycle crunches - 3 x 15; crunches - 2 x 15

After Work - speedygeoff's running at Parliament House
Distance: 8.46km
Calories burned: 529

Session: Two warm up laps of Parliament House then off to the grassy hill for another hill repeats session of 20 uphill sprints x 20 repeats on 90secs including the downhill jogs back to the start at the bottom of the hill. There was a large turnout tonight - could be something to do with the balmy weather today. There were lots of running friends there and it was fun catching up with them on the warm-up and cool-down but everyone was working hard on those grassy hills with very little breathing space between each repeat! The forecast overnight is for minus 6 degrees (!!) but tomorrow the temp is supposed to reach 17deg - positively spring-like. How lovely!

I think I'm finally shaking my cough. It was much better tonight after the running session - I could even breathe properly for once - woo hoo! And it was so nice today to meet Mr B for lunch.

I have now lost 5.7kg in weight and believe me I'm eating heaps - lots and lots of veges and salads and protein. It seems to be working!


  1. Great news on the weight loss; you must be feeling really good. Apart from the cough!

  2. Wow. That is sensational Strewth. Congrats on the weight loss. Did I see you mention idealbodiesonline in an earlier post?

  3. Wow! That's why I didn't recognise you - it wasn't the missing CR cap.

    You'll need new Skins!