Thursday, August 17, 2006

Training, training, training.

I forced myself out of bed at 5.30am in order to fit in interval training on my indoor bike (windtrainer) before brekkie with CJ. I really didn't want to roll out of bed but knew I would be very cross with myself if I gave in to that nagging voice in my head saying, "stay in bed a little longer, more sleep, more sleep" - NO - I will ignore that voice and persevere. So there I found myself on the windtrainer dripping with perspiration and knowing this was good for me or something.

5 minutes warm up
1 1/2minute easy, 3 mins hard (working on a hard gear) x 6 repeats
5 minutes cool down
Total of 37mins

Shower, dress and off to Red Belly Black to meet CJ for lovely company and white scrambled eggs and a flat white - I do love starting my day like that (at least with the brekkie, not so sure about the interval training).

Evening Training - speedygeoff's group at Dickson Oval
I arrived late again (too much work and too much traffic) but arrived in time for the second warm-up loop of the oval.
Main session:
8 x 400m on 4mins which meant inbetween each 400m we had a gentle jog before the next 400m.
We had to practise running through the finish line without being tempted to slow down until we were well past the line. Apparently a large number of people tend to slow down just before the finish line so it was a case of pushing very hard for the last 50m to ensure we were well and truly over the line before stopping or slowing down to a jog.

On our last 400m speedygeoff timed us to see what time we would achieve when tired. Tricky! I managed that last 400m in 1min 49secs - not exactly earth shattering time but I was stuffed!

We ran a cool down loop to finish.

Total distance 7km
Calories burned: 523

Postscript: I am now well into Week 11 of my 12 week fitness/nutrition program and feeling good. The time has gone so quickly.


  1. Wow. That's a huge day Strewth. Great interval session on the bike too - I might just borrow it ;-)

  2. A great day's training Strewth. You look fantastic as I said to you on Sunday so you're programme has been paying off. What sort of diet were you following?

  3. You're in great shape, Strewth, no doubt about it. I hate those little voices in my head. I used to have little voices but now they have graduated to little birdies on my shoulder whispering sweat nothings (re Pollyanna of my C2S post).