Friday, August 11, 2006

One More Sleep til Sydney!

It was a lovely sunny Spring day today but it was still jolly cold at 5.30am this morning when I ran out the door. I decided I should do one last run before City to Surf on Sunday as I had to miss speedygeoff's session last night due to a Board Meeting - oh joy!

Wednesday morning
Gym - Legs/Arms/Abs

Yoga - stretches, stretches, shoulder stands and more stretches
Great to have the company of CJ.

Thursday morning - 5.30am - Run
Session: Hill repeats
Calories burned: 542
Distance: 6.12km

I reluctantly rolled out of bed and ran out the door at 5.30am (it was absolutely freezing and I wore lots of layers) . Session as follows:

9 minute warm up run to a good hill which was just under 400m to the top.

Run slowly to the top of the hill twice, jogging back to the start
Run fast to the top of the hill twice, jogging back to the start
Sprint to the top of the hill twice jogging back to the start
Slow run to the top of the hill twice, jogging back to the start

Cool down back home for about 9 minutes.

This morning there was a full moon which helped light the way as I ran on the cycle track where lots of roadworks are currently taking place and there's a few obstacles on the way to the start of the hill.

After a shower I quickly drove into the city to meet CJ for brekkie (scrambled egg whites and toast and a skinny flat white) - a great way to start the working day.

Friday morning - 5.30am - Run
Session: Interval training
Calories burned: 362
Distance: 6km

I ran for 5 minutes then sprinted for 3 minutes, jogged at an easy pace for 1 1/2 minutes and repeated the sprint and easy jog six times before doing an easy jog home. It didn't take long to warm up with my brightly coloured vest over a long sleeved CR top, my headlight showing the way, a band to keep my ears warm and a cap to cover my light and head. Under all that headgear I wore my ipod and the music kept me going! I am currently almost asleep as I write this so need to go and pack for the morning.

Good luck to all those friends out there who are competing at the C2S on Sunday. It should be a fun day with lots of familiar faces. I will definitely wear my CR gear!!


  1. I can't believe you did a weights session in the morning & then yoga at night. OMG, you are one tough chick! My arms are just about to drop off after a weights session, never mind yoga - all those downward dogs kill me!

    See you Sunday!

  2. Wasn't that a fantastic full moon on Thursday morning. Beautiful to run under. Hopefully will see you on Sunday somewhere.