Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Census Day - Interval Training

I rose early to complete an interval session on my indoor windtrainer before meeting a couple of friends for breakfast at Red Belly Black.

5 mins warm up
27 mins intervals - 1 min easy/2 1/2 mins hard (repeated 6 times)
5 mins cool down
Total time: 37 minutes

And oh boy it was hard work! I rode the "hard" sections in a difficult gear and really pushed through it. Thank goodness for my ipod. It helps make that 2 1/2 mins go faster! Now we must fill in our census forms - on the net I think.


  1. I've just done my census, too, and on the net. Great to see some innovation coming to this process. Hope you are feeling better and are primed for the weekend.

  2. Good Mr B is back!

    Sounds like you finally ended with that cough, good news!