Monday, August 28, 2006

One proud and happy Strewth!

Week 12 is over. I have stuck to my program and achieved well over my desired goal weight and bodyfat reduction. I am delighted with the result, the only problem being that I have to put on a few kilos now cos I lost a bit much in this last week with the carbo depletion stage. However I'm sure that putting it on won't be a problem at all!! I have dropped from 55.3kg to 46.8kg and lost nearly 10cm off my waist!

Yesterday I whizzed down to watch the end of the Vets' half marathon. I couldn't compete this year as my last 3 days stated "no cardio" so that was bad timing. However it was great to see speedygeoff, Marg, Flashduck, Tuggeranong Don and CJ all doing so well. Well done all of you and to all those other competitors out there who ran a great race in perfect conditions. Next year I will be part of it for sure.

This week has probably been the hardest of my 12 weeks. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I spent nearly 2 1/2 hours at the gym each day working on the upper body and the abs. I also had the cardio training as usual. Tuesday was "intervals" on the windtrainer in the morning and gym after work until I was thrown out as they wanted to close up!

Wed was gym in the morning and yoga after work. I think both CJ and I were fighting the sleep muscles when it came to the relaxation for the last 15mins. I know if I had entirely relaxed I would have definitely fallen asleep. CJ had been to the gym and run at lunchtime as well so was definitely feeling the same way.

Thursday morning another 2 1/2 hours gym work but this time I rose at 4.45am and spent the time with free weightsand abs improvising the exercises at home as my current gym doesn't open early enough - can't wait til Sept when I change gyms! I left work early that day as I went for a run from home with Mr B as I had to go to a formal awards presentation dinner that night. I had spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday carbo depleting and drinking 5 litres of water a day so I surprised myself when we ran the Kaleen block at a reasonable pace.

Distance: 6km
Time: 33:39

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had no cardio or weight training and started on the rice cakes for starchy carbs. Today at about 3pm after I had finished at the photographer Mr B and I went for a nice lunch at Black Pepper to celebrate the success of my program. I ate pasta for the first time in 12 weeks and even had an apple and cinnamon cake for dessert - yum - and the best cappuccino in the world! However I think my stomach objected to all that rich food all of a sudden. I probably should have broken it in more gently!

Tomorrow morning at 6.30am we fly out to Daydream Island in the Whitsundays so this blog may again be quiet for a week but we have packed our running gear so don't intend to be idle although we may become dizzy as the island is only about 2km round I think. I'm so looking forward to relaxing and just having a wonderful time together belatedly celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. Life is good and I feel fantastic!!


  1. Wow!! That's a sensational result Strewth, congratualations. Your hard work & dedication over the last 12 weeks certainly has paid off.

    So are you going to show us the photos???

  2. Well done skinny minnie!

  3. Strewth, how do you do all that!

    What about the problem of having to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes?

    Have fun up north. We'll try not to be jealous.

  4. Strewth, just have to say how much I admire you for what you have achieved. You have a perfect body and I wouldn't have thought you would have needed to have lost much anyway. I am sure Mr B is extremely proud of you and I wish the both of you much happiness at Daydream Island.

    I am sorry that I missed you at the Vets half and greatly appreciated the very nice comments you left on my blog. You are one of the treasures of the world, you really are.

  5. Well done on completing your program Strewth!
    Thats awesome and an inspiration!


  6. That's a great result Strewth. Well done on sticking to it for 12 weeks and the results are what you deserve. Have a fantastic time at Daydream island.

  7. Well done, Strewth! Time to reward yourself...have a wonderful holiday!