Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back to it!!

I'm not sure where to start as it's been over a week now since I updated my blog. We had a lovely time at Daydream Island in the Whitsundays although the weather was disappointing. It was cloudy and windy most days and even rained at times. However we still managed to make the most of every minute enjoying all the activities at the resort including the day spa where we both had massages and a body treatment being covered in mud (or seaweed in Mr B's case) and wrapped in gladwrap. That was great especially the amazing showers with all the massage gadgets inside. We enjoyed cocktails each evening and music and amazing food. We took advantage of the free snorkelling and scuba diving lessons although we couldn't actually do the real thing due to the inclement weather. I did beat Mr B in mini golf although he beat me in pool! We spent an hour or so in the very modern gym and even fitted in a couple of 6km runs which was made up of two loops of the island! We went on a day trip to Whitehaven Beach and Hamilton Island and managed to swim inbetween showers! It was fun, we relaxed, ate and drank too much and had a lovely break in spite of the weather returning to Canberra on Sunday afternoon. In fact on Monday the weather here was much sunnier and more pleasant than Queensland although it is considerably colder today which means it's probably beautiful back in the Whitsundays this week!

On Monday evening we returned to speedygeoff's running group at Parliament House. After two warm up laps we ran our main session on the grass in front of PH. We ran up and down and diagonally across the spongy grass several times then ran in the reverse direction. The diagonals which were uphill slopes were fast and the straights easy. It was a good session with the usual great company including a very welcoming CJ.

Distance: 9.44km
Calories burned: 595

This morning I went for my first visit at my new gym. I had an assessment done and a program designed for me although I intend to add a few classes such as the Bodypump Class and the RPM cycle class which sounds hard! It looks like a very nice gym but it will take me a while to get used to all the fancy equipment. I'm used to pretty basic machines. I'm looking forward to the challenge though.

Evening -Yoga
Tonight I really enjoyed the session. It was a restorative session with lots of breathing techniques and lying down rather than balancing and leg work. It was a great way to finish a hard day at work.

This morning I met CJ for brekkie at RBB - lovely. I chose normal scrambled eggs on spinach and Turkish toast and a flat white coffee - lovely after eating white scrambled eggs for so long. I am still watching what I eat but not to the same extent. I am sticking to the five meals a day (ie morning and afternoon tea of rice cakes, yoghurt or apple) which I find helps keep me from picking at other less healthy food inbetween meals although while on holiday we just relaxed and enjoyed all the good food.

Evening - speedygeoff's Running at Dickson Oval
Warm up of a couple of loops of oval then session as follows:

8 x 70m fast with a slow run back to start.
20mins of 30secs fast, 2mins slow
4 stride throughs to stretch of about 70m each

Cool down of another 1km loop of oval
Total distance: 7.44km
Calories burned: 476

It was a good session tonight. I found the long recoveries great between each sprint making it quite manageable.

Tomorrow I'm off to my first proper gym session bright and early! I did try to upload some photos but Blogger took too long then rejected them. Will try again another time. Now I'm off to bed at last!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday Strewth.....and exactly what I need right now ;-)

    Enjoy your new gym - I love playing with all the new/different equipment!

  2. You paid to get covered in mud?! Why not go for a cross country run in the rain?

    I remember my sunglasses didn't work too well at Whitehaven Beach. It's beautiful up there.

  3. Great to have you back and great to see you yesterday as always. Despite the wind, feeling everyone else's energy made it a fun day.

  4. Glad to hear you had a good holiday and your new gym sounds like it will have lots of things to keep you occupied!

  5. I've been invited to the GYM at Deakin Health Spa?

    $7 for an introductory session.

    Will probably make me sore and achey, so intend to take it easy.