Thursday, September 28, 2006

Running off the Chocolate!

After a full-on day in Sydney we had half an hour to spare before catching a cab to the airport. This meant there was time to walk down Pitt Street where we found Haighs Chocolate Shop - big mistake! I bought some choccie for Mr B but couldn't resist some for this chocoholic as well - not good, not good at all but oh so yummy!

In spite of allowing plenty of time for me to arrive in Canberra in time for training, the plane was delayed an hour due to mechanical problems and a change to a smaller plane (don't you hate that) and as a consequence by the time I arrived home it was too late to make it to training on time. Thus I had to change and run from home instead and only managed one loop of the block before it became dark. I also felt quite ill (from eating too much chocolate and drinking too many coffees no doubt)! I do have to admit that I had two excellent cappuccinos in the Sydney CBD followed by a lovely flat white at the airport - three out of three aint bad!! However that is probably two more coffees than I should have had and definitely too much chocolate!

Distance: approx 6km
Time taken: 32:27
Average pace per km: 5:35
Calories burned: 340


  1. Sounds fair to me Strewth - 2k for each cappucino and square of chocolate. You are guilt free ;)

  2. Now, I want a chocolate, great...!

    Thanks for the welcome!