Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Week in Progress

Today I have developed a sore dry throat which is very irritating. There's been a few nasties going round the office and it's inevitable that the air conditioning will spread them around - I am not impressed!

Monday 6.15am - Body Pump class at the gym
This was a good class but the eventful part of the gym session was when I discovered I didn't have a towel when I emerged from the shower. Holding my t-shirt in front of me I called out to be rescued. Fortunately I had a friend there who could collect me a towel. At least it created a giggle from those nearby! I'm glad Club Pink provides towels!

Evening - VIP Movie Preview of "The Devil Wears Prada". We had to wear a touch of red - I probably wore more of a splash as I have lots of red in my wardrobe - red leather jacket, red shirt, red jewellery, red bag, red shoes .... ! We met up with CJ and Bec in the foyer but we managed to lose each other in the queue when the doors opened! There were nibbles and champagne to start and a little fashion show. The movie itself was fantastic. Talk about the boss from hell - hope I'm not that bad!!

Tuesday 6.15am - RPM/Spin Class at the gym
Now this was such a good work-out. I was dripping by the time we reached our cool down. I had help setting up my bike and it definitely made a huge difference. I worked much harder than last week and the music was great.

I had intended going for a run after work but I came home feeling pretty ordinary so it didn't happen! An earlier night than usual might be a good plan!


  1. You bet you are a tough boss. I said you were tough. A tough sheila is what I said.
    "I know you're tough,
    "and you can never get enough
    "Of what you don't really need now."
    (U2 approximately)

  2. That is what I truly hate about working in an office - people coming in sick & then spreading their germs around with the help of the air-con. Take care of yourself over the next few days - hopefully you can shake it.