Sunday, September 24, 2006

Go for Gold!!

This has been a busy week work-wise and a bit interrupted training-wise but I must have done something right as today I hit the jackpot at the monthly Vet's Handicap Run and won the GOLD medal - yay, yay, yay!! I'm very excited and happy about that.

It was a cloudy, windy, drizzly morning but not too cold for running in a singlet. The course was at Blewitts Pine Forest (minus the pines these days) on a good surface and very undulating. The first half of the race was up and down and really quite pleasant but at about the halfway point it started going up, up, up, up for the next 3km. I just kept my eyes on one person in front of me at a time and decided to aim to pass that person. It was fun and rewarding but as I reached about the 5.5km mark the lady I passed said, "you are heading for a gold" and I realised there was nobody in sight ahead of me. Panic attack, nobody to follow, will I get lost - where is everyone? I decided they must be round the next bend but round the next bend and running up the hill cheering loudly were speedygeoff, speedygoose and Griffin - "come on Ruthy, you can do it". Well, that was it - there was a lovely downhill stretch then an uphill finish and I felt really determined and strong. I saw someone walking a long way ahead but apparently she had entered the short course of 3.5km (the Frylink series) and was not counted. I couldn't believe it when I was told I really had won the gold medal. A photo was taken of the winners but as I left my camera at home (after all I didn't expect this result) Mr B took a photo in the lounge room (above) before I changed out of my running gear.

We finished our run just in time as a huge windstorm swept through as the last competitor finished blowing everything everywhere and there was a long wait before the notices and results were read out as the tents were being dismantled. CJ, Mr CJ, Mr B and I then headed off to Musica e in Belconnen for a cappuccino - yes, yes, yes - such a good day and such a great feeling! I have such wonderful supporters and friends. Life's good!

Stats for today's hilly course
Distance: 7:05km
Time taken: 39:12
Average pace per km: 5:34
Fastest km: 4:50
Calories burned: 465

The week in Brief
Nothing can quite compete with today but on the whole it's been a pretty good week.

Monday morning - Bodypump class at the gym - heavier weights now as I'm getting the hang of it and enjoyed the class.
Monday evening - Dinner at Belluci's with speedygeoff's training group - delicious food and great company - a lovely evening - thanks speedygeoff.

Tuesday morning - my first attempt at an RPM (or spin) class at the gym - hard work on those bikes especially on the uphill parts but it felt like a great work out.
Tuesday later in the morning - I test drove a VW Golf which I will soon have as my work car (my choice). It is sooooo lovely and smooth to drive. I'm trading in my Nissan Pulsar which is a couple of years old and will soon proudly drive a new blue Golf. It's due to arrive late next week hopefully - how exciting!
Tuesday evening - ACTVAC sub-committee meeting - an offshoot of the VETs' main committee - Tuggeranong Don has now joined and it's a lovely little group although we need more members

Wednesday morning - A short run before flying to Sydney for a couple of days for a work function.
Distance: 6km
Times taken: 32:35
Calories burned: 340

Friday morning - Gym

This was my weights session - an hour of leg press, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs exercises with a warm up on the stepper and a cool down on the treadmill followed by brekkie in the gym which is part of the deal.

Saturday - My first cycle outdoors this season!
Yes, Mr B and I went for a quick cycle to stretch the legs before the grandchildren were delivered to be looked after for a few hours. They are so gorgeous!
Distance: 10.90km
Fastest pace: 32kph
Average pace: 20kph
Considering it was my first ride since about February I was happy to at least be riding my bike again. It was such a great sunny Spring day and I'm looking forward to my next ride now.

And that brings me back to today which I had to put first while it's fresh in my mind. I have another work conference in Sydney for just one day this coming week which again puts paid to my swimming. However I should be back in time for training at the oval on Thursday evening. Tomorrow morning I will go to Bodypump but will miss speedygeoff's training at Parliament House after work as CJ and I have tickets for "The Devil Wears Prada" tomorrow evening - a special VIP night. We went to a VIP fashion champagne breakfast yesterday and were given a show bag which included the tickets. I'm taking my daughters too so it should be such fun! Have a good week everyone!


  1. Yah for bling! Fantastic result Strewth - congratulations!

    Looking forwaard to catching up with you & CJ soon :-)

  2. That's a great reward for your improved running Strewth. Well done!

    I can imagine how worried you were about getting lost when you hit the lead. Great story of the day and a top photo in the CR gear too.

  3. Tjhat's tremendous, Strewth! Terrific photo - you look about 16! We'll never be mistaken for each other again!

    Congratulations on the GOLD!! Where to now?

  4. Great win in the handicap Strewth.

    Pity I wasn't there to congratulate you on the day.