Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

Friday - Gym in morning before work
Just followed my program - working on all parts of my body including abs. Spent an hour working on the muscles with increased weights.

Saturday morning - Run
I met up with Marg and the base of Mt Ainslie where the Vets start their handicap run and we ran the vets' course then ran a variation of it as we wanted a longer tougher course and we sure found one! We discovered a very hilly version indeed with a very rough uneven surface. It was a bit scary actually as it was slippery with loose gravel on the steep downhills. We are entering the Brindabella Classic as a team and need to practise those downhills so we took the plunge but had to run very slowly and carefully a lot of the time and this reflected on our average pace and overall time. Next weekend we will try another version but at least it felt like a good tough run. It was very very dusty and dry out there as evidenced by my deceptively brown legs which changed colour after my shower later!

Distance: approx 16.50km
Time taken: 1hr 45mins
Average pace per km: 6:30
Calories burned: 915

Yes, it was a slow run but I think the hills made up for the speed!

In the evening we enjoyed a beautiful Italian meal at a restaurant by Lake Ginninderra with a number of triathlon and running friends who we hadn't seen for months. It was a fantastic night.

Sunday - Cycle!
Yes indeed - on this gorgeous sunny Spring afternoon Mr B and I went for a leisurely cycle following the AIS track in to the city then we cycled on to Lake BG where we found a mobile coffee van and bought blueberry muffins and coffee and ginger beer for Mr B. We did in fact cycle 23km so woo hoo, I'm back on the bike - gentle sure, but I have to start somewhere and it was a stunning day for a cycle.


  1. Reading back over your last few posts, I don't know of anyone who trains as hard & consistently as you do, Strewth. It amazes me just to read what you can do in just one day! You go for the occasional choc & coffee break!

  2. People pay good money for brown legs.

    Yes, I was on the bike yesterday too. Might go again today.

    Good hill run Strewth - well under 5 hour 6' pace ;)

  3. Wow, that sounds like a fantastic run Strewth. There truly is something special about running off the beaten track