Monday, October 02, 2006

Running a Dusty Virgin Road!

How I love having long weekends especially warm, sunny ones. It has been so lovely catching up with friends, family and grandchildren over the extra time we had as well as spending time out in the sunshine, cycling, gardening, painting etc.

This afternoon Mr B and I decided to do something slightly different and we ran on the new Gungahlin Drive extension which is still being built. We ran it late in the day and of course there were no workmen about as it was a public holiday. There was a barricade across but it was easy to circumnavigate this and we were not quite alone as a lone walker with a backpack was obviously exploring the forbidden road too! We ran on the dusty gravelly not-quite-finished road and it was quite an adventure to discover how far the road had been completed. Going out was a slight steady incline and returning there was a head wind but it was much faster as it was slightly downhill. It was quite bizarre running freely on a road with no traffic (of course) and viewing bundles of light stands ready to be erected on the sides of the road. It was very dusty and dry and it stopped dead at Belconnen Way where the overpass is being built but doesn't yet connect to the road. We then turned round and returned the way we had come - a hot, dusty, windy but rewarding effort.

Distance: 9.49km
Time taken: 52:36
Average pace per km: 5:33
Calories burned: 564
Fastest km: 5:06


  1. You should have run an extra 0.01k Strewth ;) Glad you didn't get arrested.

  2. Oh yeah! Sounds like a great and interesting road to run, even better with good company.
    Lovely post :)