Saturday, October 28, 2006

Daylight Saving Starts Tomorrow - woo hoo!

And so another week is drawing to a close. Today I woke with a headache and felt a bit clammy, slow and lethargic. I took Mr B to the airport and intended running later in the morning but it took me the rest of the day to do the washing, shopping and other household chores which is why I find it's much better for me to run early in the morning! I do feel a lot better now although I'm still tired and slow which does not bode well for tomorrow! Last night we babysat for our two little grandchildren and it was well after midnight before we left for home. They were such a delight I might add and very well behaved.

Back to Tuesday
I went for a swim in the morning at CISAC - 1km - slowly but I enjoyed it. The best part was I was able to access the spa with my "Club Pink" membership so that was very soothing on my sore hamstring.

Wednesday morning - Run
Today was my youngest daughter's 23rd birthday - scary! I went for a run before she woke then heated up croissants for her brekkie - her favourite. Of course I had one too!

Distance: 10.25km
Time taken: 1hour 45secs
Average pace per km: 5:56
Calories burned: 594

When I left home I noticed the ground was wet so it had obviously recently rained. However, I proceeded with my run as it appeared to have stopped. About 5km from home the heavens opened and it really poured down. I felt great waving my arms round madly and catching rain drops with my tongue and it smelt divine. Then came the thunder - rumble, rumble RUMBLE! It was a little scary and I was a drowned rat when I reached the front door. However, by the time I left for work an hour later the sun was out and there wasn't a sign that any rain had ever happened! I know I didn't imagine it! Mr B witnessed the apparition appearing in the bedroom after my return!

Wednesday evening - Yoga
Now some days you just should not go there! This was one of them. I enjoyed the session in spite of my struggle and in spite of the fact that Polly, our instructor, kept announcing my name in relation to straightening my leg, lifting it higher, twisting my head further, widening my stance - I'm sure everybody in that very full class knows my name now! But at least I didn't fall asleep during the relaxation at the end - quite!

Thursday morning - Swim!
Yes, two swims in one week - amazing! I felt very comfortable with my 1km swim this morning. I don't get any faster but at least it felt good. The spa afterwards was great and evidence of last night's yoga class was afoot as a girl approached me in the spa to ask if I went to yoga. She recognised me - I knew I had become infamous from last night's class - there's no escaping now!
After my shower and dressing for work I hurried off to meet CJ for brekkie. Mr B joined us later too.

Thursday evening - Track session
I don't think my body has fully recovered. Tonight's track session was even harder than last week. They didn't have a spiral this week. That's only every second week so I only entered the 3000m and the 800m events. That was hard enough.

Distance: 3000m
Time taken: 15:03 (2secs slower than last week!)

Distance: 800m
Time taken: 3mins 40secs

The most exciting part of the evening was that some time after competing in the 3000m, which is the first event of the evening, I spotted Lucky Legs with Ewen. It was so fantastic to see her and really cool that she ran in the same 800m heat as Marg and me. It was even more exciting watching her face when she finished the 200m sprint event. She was on such a high, in fact her excitement was definitely contagious and it made the evening really fun. I'm hoping she will be back in a few weeks to join us again.

Friday - Gym
This morning I concentrated on the upper body again - chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and abs.

Tomorrow morning (Sunday) is the Vets' Handicap Run at Deeks' Forest (or ex-forest now). The forecast is for minus 1 overnight (aaah) and as we have to put our watches forward an hour tonight (daylight saving starts tomorrow), it will probably be a jolly cold start! Hope someone wants to go with me for a coffee afterwards!

Tomorrow night all the family is coming for dinner to celebrate daughter and daughter-in-law's birthdays which are one day apart.


  1. Your youngest daughter is almost as old as the Speedy Gosling!

    It was good to see you back on the track Thursday. That's very sneaky, talking to CJ all round the first lap of the 3000 to slow her down. I can see you going well under 15 minutes before too long.

    LL's enthusiasm reminds me that track can be fun!

  2. Enjoy sleeping an hour more!

    Oh yeah, training close to LL should be so inspiring, nice you are able to!!

    Nice party there, post some photos!

  3. Strewth...I'll be back on Thursday, there!! CJ too!